Carve like a Pro! We have a unique product, wooden rough outs, available from my new CNC milling machine. Rough outs have the primary form completed for you 75% of the work is already done. Rough outs are a great way to save time if you want to grow your business and a great way to have head start on shape if you are new to carving.
If you are looking for a unique gift option, rough outs provide a fun experience for beginners and expert carvers alike.

If you are an artist interested in creating reproductions of your work we have scanning, CAD and CAM services available for artists at a reasonable price. We can create custom rough outs of your own design, allowing your to reduce your production time and costs. Maximum milling dimensions are 20" x 19" x 48".

The bears pictured here are just a few examples.
Just e-mail me at or call 508-965-3211. I ship anywhere in the US and I do have experience in overseas freight.

Here are some examples of rough outs and finished projects created with them:

"Barre Pinske's - Vermont Wooden Bear Co."

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